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Some call it “pierced primers” but since a hole is getting blown out of the primer, and into the firing pin hole, we call it “popped primers.”

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Hammer, Sear and Trigger

Making sure your SKS is legal is now easier than ever before. To make playing the 922r game a little easier we are offering Hammers, Sears, and Triggers that are "Made in USA" and legally serve as 922r compliance parts.   Your receipt indicates the parts are "Made in USA" as well.

These parts are manufactured from 4140 Steel and heat-treated to last a lifetime and more. Supplied blued, they are a drop-in fit in most SKSs. If your Trigger Group has the AK-47 Style Mag Latch, it does require Gunsmith Installation/Fitting. Trigger pull is smoother and slightly lighter than with original Hammer and Sear. Trigger has no mechanical bearing on the felt trigger pull.

For online and phone-in orders, pricing is as follows:
  • Hammer/Sear/Trigger set......$102.35
  • Hammer/Sear set...................$77.05
  • Hammer................................$47.15
  • Sear......................................$34.50
  • Trigger.................................$32.20
For mail-in orders, pricing is as follows:
  • Hammer/Sear/Trigger set......$98.90
  • Hammer/Sear set...................$73.60
  • Hammer.................................$44.85
  • Sear........................................$32.20
  • Trigger...................................$29.90


Simply send your trigger group and a check or MO for the correct amount and we do the work for you. And we we highly recommend you include a Wolff Rifle Performance Pack Spring Set to put the icing on the cake of the trigger tuning. ($10.35) You have your choice of 27.5 lb Hammer Spring for strictly Boxer primed ammo use, or a 31 lb Hammer Spring for Berdan primed ammo use. 34 lb is factory original strength. Be sure and include this in your order for the most optimum felt trigger pull and consistent ignition. The disassembly/reassembly process can be a little too much for the novice. The Installation can be done, but “Tuning” should only be done by the very mechanically inclined or a Gunsmith. Sending the trigger group in a “Small Flat Rate Priority” box is the cheapest and easiest.

  • H/S/T Set “Installation & Tuning”---$50.00
  • H/S Set “Installation & Tuning”-----$40.00
  • Sear “Installation & Tuning”--------$35.00
  • Add $10.00 for Trigger Group with AK Style Mag Latch

Prices apply only if sending check or Mo, charging to CC is slightly higher. Add $7.00 for return shipping the trigger group and your original parts. Texas residents add 6.25% sales tax.

Sample order: H/S/T Set ($98.90) + “Installation & Tuning” ($50.00) Wolff RPP Spring Set ($10.35) +$7.00 return shipping= $166.25 total. ($176.64 for Texans)

27.5 lb, 31 lb, 34 lb Hammer Springs

Beginning 02/2012 we are able to offer you the Wolff “Reduced Power” Rifle Performance Pak Spring Set to put the icing on the cake of your trigger tune. This includes the Mag Latch/Sear Spring, and your choice of Wolffs original 27.5 lb Hammer Spring, or our newly manufactured by Wolff, 31 lb Hammer Spring. And we even have 34 lb springs for those who insist on a “factory original strength” Hammer Spring. (also manufactured by Wolff) Simply add $10.35 to the above total and include your choice of Hammer Spring strength. (27.5 lb, 31 lb, or 34 lb)

For those who shoot exclusively Boxer primed ammo, the 27.5 Hammer Spring is strong enough to ignite primers consistently, and afford between 4.5 lb and 5 lb felt trigger pull. For those who use Berdan primed ammo, the 31 lb Hammer Spring may be needed for best reliability and results in a 5.5 lb to 6 lb felt trigger pull.

Now Available
Replacement Trigger Group Pins

These pins are .001 smaller than original pins and require that you tap each end of the pin a time or two to swell each end so it is retained in the trigger guard. Normally a 3/32” punch and small hammer is all that is needed. This smaller diameter makes it easier to install them and the associated part(s) and also helps assure that parts rotate freely on their pin. Our “Pin Set” does not include a pin for the Safety Catch as it is seldom removed & re-installed. But if you need one it is exactly the same pin as the Trigger Pin. (#027)

$3.19 each or the Set of 5 for $12.59.

Please fill out and send the Mail-In Form with your trigger assembly. Click for Mail-In Form

Please fill out and send the Mail-In Form with your bolt or bolt & carrier assemblies. Click for Mail-In Form


While the turnaround time for most all of our Firing Pin Kit Installations, Bolt & Carrier mods, and Trigger Group parts “Installation & Tuning” and especially our most popular service, the “Neck & Throat”
chamber reaming, had gotten above 60 days, and even above 90 days for some of our customers in 2016, this last month and the beginning of 2017 are likely to be right at 30 days or less.
If work is requested that is not on the mail-in form, turnaround can be affected.

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SKS Hammer/Sear/Trigger Ordering
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Because of how the 922r law is applied differently to SKSs’ of different countries of origin, determining how many parts you need to replace, with American made parts, is strictly your responsibility. We do not advise how many you might need due to the different countries of origin and the many different configurations you may want yours to be in. But, we do highly recommend searching for the answer, in your specific case, at


 Make your SKS safer and more reliable

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